Four Paws Cattery

Four Paws Boarding Cattery

Four Paws Boarding Cattery

Four Paws is a modern outdoor cattery, run on Feline Advisory Bureau guidelines and is set amongst open countryside in Nottinghamshire (click on picture below for map). The experienced staff are trained by the FAB and are qualified to administer medication. We also offer a grooming service at no extra cost for long-haired cats.

The cat chalets are all purpose built and have outdoor runs. Family chalets are also available which cater for several cats form the same home. Security is paramount, and escape proof runs are a feature of the cattery design. Each chalet is insulated and has infra-red heating – much more comfortable for your pet than a heated pad

Four Paws Boarding Cattery

All bedding, food and litter are provided, and any of your pet’s dietary needs can be easily catered for. Your cat’s health is important to us, and the welfare of your pet is a primary consideration. Each chalet is separated from its neighbour by a ‘sneeze barrier’, making transmission of any diseases extremely unlikely.

Please note that we insist all cats boarded with us are vaccinated against cat flu and feline enteritis. All chalets are disinfected daily, and provided with all amenities from a purpose built kitchen. The isolation unit is separate and conforms to all relevant regulations. The owners have considerable experience in all aspects of feline care.

Four Paws Boarding Cattery

Four Paws is also the home of the well regarded Serennol line. Russian Blue, Asian and Burmese kittens are bred nearby. Kittens are occasionally available for sale. Cat foods, litter, scratching posts and other cat equipment can also be supplied at reasonable costs. Please ask for prices.



If you require any further information please contact us on telephone number 07807 888718, or by email. We are always pleased to welcome visitors to view the facilities – but please by appointment only.

Opening Times:

  • Monday to Friday : 17:00 – 19:00 hrs
  • Saturday : 10:00 – 12:00 hrs
  • Sunday : By prior arrangement


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