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In the Beginning…..

Sarah and Dmitri

After stumbling across a moggy who had Russian features, I discovered the breed by accident in 1985. Then enquiring through a local vet in Kent, I was given the details of Joan Rodgers, prefix Seodor, where I got my first 2 Russian boys, Mikhail and Dmitri in 1986. Since then, I’ve been besotted by Russian Blues. At that time I never dreamt of breeding or even showing. Some years later, Auntie Joan, as I called her, easily persuaded me to have another male neuter, Maxim and encouraged me to have a girl for breeding, Katianna. Nervously I agreed to breeding with her but under Joans’ guidance! Auntie Joan gave me lots of encouragement and excellent advice and so my first litter was born Sept 1st 1993.  Since then more Russians have joined the fold. I’ve had a lot of fun and met many folk through showing Maxim, who became a Grand Premier; another cat, Denillanne Katerinna, also became a Gr Pr . With the success of both these cats, it was easy to become more involved in showing. Since obtaining a GCCF prefix in 1993, I have bred litters of Russians, Asians, Burmese and more recently Korats. Having fallen in love with blue in cats and always liking tabby, it was interesting to branch out and discover the subtle shades amongst these breeds. All these breeds are fascinating, all different and all have extraordinary characters and temperaments! It’s a real joy to watch kittens born, monitor their growth and observe their development. With raising kittens and showing cats, you are always learning something new and gaining interesting insight into the breeds talking with the experts.

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